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Correct use of dental floss


There are many ways to clean the mouth, and dental floss is also an essential good method, but if you don’t use dental floss in the correct way, you can’t achieve the ideal effect of removing foreign objects between teeth. This article will describe in detail how to use dental floss correctly of.

There are also many types of dental floss, which can be roughly divided into shaft type dental floss and dental floss stick. The following will describe how to use the two.

1. Shaft floss

① First of all, the length of the dental floss should be suitable, neither too long nor too short, and then wrap both ends of the floss around the front of the index finger/middle finger of both hands (it depends on which finger you like, the dental floss should be as tight as possible)

② Put the dental floss in the gap between the teeth, and pull the dental floss back and forth with a gentle saw-like movement (try to keep the floss close to the contact surface between the two teeth)

③ Pull the dental floss up and down, be careful not to use too much force, just scrape 2~3 times on each tooth surface (repeat the above actions)

④ After cleaning, remember to rinse your mouth with water to remove food residues and residual tartar from your mouth.

2. Dental floss stick

① Take the tail of the disposable dental flossers stick and gently place it between the teeth (the placement position should not be too deep, avoid pressing the dental floss stick into the teeth gap with force, you can move the dental floss stick back and forth, let it slowly slips between the teeth)

② Make the dental floss stick tightly fit on the two tooth surfaces, and move the dental floss stick back and forth with light force, so that food residues, dental plaque and other foreign objects between the teeth can be gradually removed

③ You can start with the simple, front front teeth, and then clean the inner teeth (note that each tooth must be cleaned in place, after cleaning one side of the tooth, then clean the other side of the tooth )

④ After cleaning up the remaining substances between the teeth, you still need to rinse your mouth with water to expel those dirty things from your mouth

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