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Design Concept of Popping Boba and Agar Boba Production Line


Popping Boba and Agar Boba Production Line adopts PLC control system, fully automatic design. The explosive bead casting production line integrates machine, electricity, gas, and control. The electrical components, motor, and electrical box are treated with stainless steel waterproof and splash-proof; the filter is made of food-grade Teflon, and the edge is sealed with aramid cloth. The structure is reasonable and compact, with a high degree of automation; the production efficiency is high, and the popping balls produced by the popping ball casting and molding production line are bright in color, round in shape, beautiful in appearance, and delicious in taste.

The Popping Boba and Agar Boba Production Line is equipped with a system developed by Fude Machinery, which can realize the automatic operation of the whole line. After several improvements, the operation is simpler and more convenient. The popping beads production equipment is manufactured according to food GMP standards, making it easy for food companies to pass professional certifications such as GMP, HACCP, and QS in the food industry.

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