• Aluminium Alloy Security Equipment Parts

    We have been involved in the manufacturing of automotive equipment parts for many years now, covering both the Chinese domestic and globalmarkets, specializing in the manufacturing of all types of high-quality aluminium alloy automotive equipment.

  • Breathing Machine PCB

    We supply Breathing Machine PCB. Our company has a long history of manufacturing medical boards. We have ISO13485:2016 medical product certification.

  • Animal printed MDF toilet seat

    We supply Animal printed MDF toilet seat. High-quality toilet seat with soft-close mechanism Attractive Animal print The toilet seat does not slip thanks to the additional adhesive pads Includes complete assembly kit and easy to follow assembly instructions

  • Plastic Vacuum Coating Machine

    Plastic Vacuum Coating Machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, uniform film layer, good mirror quality, high pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption and stable performance. Widely used in the decoration, toys, plastic and ceramic industries. We have a top R&D team and Independent intellectual property.

  • Microfilm Cooker Machine

    As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Microfilm Cooker Machine. And Youlu® will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

  • Synthetic Polyester Single Forming Fabric

    FarEast (Xinhui) Paper-Making Fabric Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest polyester synthetic polyester single forming fabric manufacturer and supplier, located in Jiangmen City, China.


  • How to troubleshoot the chain mesh belt

    Troubleshooting a chain mesh belt can be necessary when you encounter issues with conveyor systems, such as misalignment, jamming, excessive wear, or unusual noises. Here are steps to help you troubleshoot and resolve common problems with chain mesh belts:

  • What is Finishing Agent

    A finishing agent, in various industries including textiles, paper manufacturing, and more, refers to a chemical compound or substance that is applied to a product during its final stages of production.

  • What are the processes of sheet metal processing

    Welding is divided into manual welding or robot automatic welding. It is a process of welding the cut materials according to the processed finished sheet metal parts. This process is also dangerous and must be a master with certain experience. Operation, or use robot manipulator to complete, high efficiency and high precision.

  • Function and application of Patient Trolley

    A patient trolley, also known as a medical stretcher or hospital bed, is a specialized piece of medical equipment designed to safely transport patients within healthcare facilities and provide them with a comfortable resting platform when needed.

  • The advantages of Bronzing Process Clothing Tag

    Bronzing is a decorative process that involves adding a metallic coating, often in gold or silver, to various objects, including clothing tags.

  • The difference between Nursery Pot and Flower Pot

    Nursery pots and flower pots are both commonly used containers for growing plants, but they have some key differences in their design and purpose.