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The principle of flat knitting machine


The flat knitting machine has two inclined and opposite needle beds, and its appearance is in the shape of an inverted "V". The knitting of the flat knitting machine is completed by driving the latch needle to move up and down in the needle groove through the reciprocating movement of the machine head equipped with loop forming parts on the needle bed. The flat knitting machine is actually a double needle plate latch weft knitting machine. Its cam device is like a set of flat cams. The yarn can be woven into knitted fabrics by making regular lifting movements inside and through the action of the needle hook and the needle latch. During the rising process of the knitting needle, the coil gradually withdraws from the needle hook, opens the needle latch, and exits the needle latch hanger. On the needle bar; when the knitting needle is descending, the needle hook catches the newly placed yarn, and pulls and bends it into a loop, while the original loop comes out of the needle hook, and the new loop passes through the old loop , connected in series with the old coils, and many knitted coil strings are connected to each other to form a knitted fabric. Features: The flat knitting machine is suitable for sweater knitting in various occasions such as families, sweater workshops, factories, etc. It is easy to learn, has complete functions, and is easy to maintain. Convenient, durable and other advantages.

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