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Instructions for use of semi moist watercolor paint


Instructions for use of semi moist watercolor paint

1. Preparation of Tools

Semi moist watercolor paints need to prepare a palette to filter and extract the lightness of the color. If you feel that the lightness is not enough, you can add water. When grading, it is best to perform grading against the reference color card.

2. Add water to soften

The color blocks of semi moist watercolors are all dry and need to be used after dripping water, and then add softened color blocks. When the pen tip has too much water, you can use a paper towel to absorb part of the water.

3. Mix colors

The convenience of semi moist watercolor is that you can pick it up and use it, so you don’t need a palette to mix colors. You can directly dip two colors. If you are worried that the color of the other color block will be dirty, you can wait for the paint to dry. After soaking the dirty color block with water, dip the surface part with a paper towel.

4. Drying and finishing

If you have used up semi moist watercolors, you must wait until the paint in each small box is dry before closing the box, and there must be no moisture or water vapor in it.

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