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How to Replace Car Brake Pads


Car brake pad replacement steps:

1. First use a jack to jack up the car, then loosen the handbrake and loosen the bolts of the car tires;

2. After the tire is removed, the brake disc and brake caliper of the car are exposed, and the brake caliper is removed;

3. The brake caliper cannot be disengaged as a whole, and needs to be lifted by suspension or placed on a high platform;

4. Open the brake oil tank at the engine, then remove the worn brake pads, and put the new brake pads back as they were;

5. After changing the brake pads, observe and confirm that there is no problem, and then install the tires;

6. Reinstall the brake calipers, remove the jack, and pull on the car's handbrake to complete the replacement of the brake pads;

7. After installation, turn on the ignition, step on the brake to let the brake fluid return to its position, and after driving 100 kilometers, the brake pads can enter the normal state, and the performance can be brought into full play.

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